Uniquely Shaped And Elegant Wedding Open Rings

Sep 09

Wedding rings that are on sale nowadays are no longer limited to just the traditional circular bands with one or few more diamonds set on it. You can easily find several different designs and shapes of both wedding and engagement bands available on sale in various jewelry boutiques. Presently, many shaped bands may be found in the market. The shaped wedding ring comes in several different styles. By shaped, what is meant is the ring could have a cross or profile section that is different.

141919.jpg (570×380)

It could be a flat or plain flat band with softened edges. The fat band is the traditional style and has a sleek look or it could have softened edges. There are D-shaped bands too. These are rings that mimic the shape of the letter D when it is viewed in the profile. One other variation is the reverse D-shape.

Then there are these courting rings. They are curved and are said to be very comfortable. Variation in this specific style is the heavy courting which is thicker in t he center compared to the previously mentioned ring. Next are the halo rings that look more like a halo when viewed from the cross section.

Other than these different cross sections, there are rings that are made to fit with the wedding rings so that the ring can be worn together. Some of the vital examples of these types are twist, wave, wishbone, caged, jigsaw, overlay or underlay and the elegant open rings style.

The jigsaw open ring style is usually custom made to sit next to the wedding ring when it is worn. As the name of the style implies, it fits just like a jigsaw. However, the caged style of the ring surrounds in such a way that the wedding ring is enclosed. Twist, wave and wishbone style refer to the shape itself. Overlay or underlay rings meanwhile are the ones with small section of the ring thicker or thinner so that the stone of the wedding band lies over or beneath. Open ring style is open at the section where the stone of the wedding band is positioned.

All these styles give engagement rings exclusive styles which can be personalized to give one of a kind look and were spawned from the trend of wearing the engagement band together with the wedding ring. In the end, it all comes down to your preferences and taste, style and your budget.